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Paint Colors Long Island NY

Eco-Friendly Paints On Long Island

Do what is best for the environment, your family, and you! Find the best eco-friendly paints with low level VOCs and zero VOCs on our shelves. Breathe free with these eco-friendly paints found at Aboff's stores.

INTERIOR PAINTS by Benjamin Moore
Hunter Douglas Window Treatments Long Island NY

Aura® Interior Paint by Benjamin Moore

  • Extreme hide, never more than two coats in any color
  • Provides a mildew resistant coating
  • Color Lock®Technology, no color rub-off
  • Stains wash off easily
  • Excellent touch up
  • Self priming
  • Easy application
  • Long lasting fresh look appearance
  • Easy clean up
* This product has been certified under the GREENGUARD Standard for Low Emitting Products and the GREENGUARD for Children & Schoolsâ„   product certification programs.

Wood Stain Long Island NY

Natura ®Interior Paint by Benjamin Moore

  • Zero VOCs in base and colorant
  • Waterborne paint
  • Tint to match any color
  • Durable, Washable, Odorless
  • Fade-resistant finish
  • Easy application
  • Dries quickly, can recoat in one hour
  • Easy cleanup

Painting Supplies Long Island NY

ben ®Interior Paint by Benjamin Moore

  • Easy application
  • Washable, low odor
  • Low VOCs 
  • Tint to any color
  • Premium hiding and leveling

Exterior Stain Long Island NY

Aura® Exterior Paint by Benjamin Moore

  • Extreme hide, never more than 2 coats in any color
  • Color Lock® Technology 
  • Low temperature application and greatly improved resistance to s urfa c tant leaching in dark colors
  • Superior adhesion and excellent resistance to chalking
  • Delivers a high-build paint film for excellent durability and long lasting protection
  • Easy to apply with brush, roller or spray
  • Soap and water clean up 
  • Fast dry and re-coat times 
  • Resistant to fading, cracking, peeling, blistering, dirt pick-up
  • Provides a mildew resistant film
  • Self priming in most situations  
  • Available in several finishes  

Exterior Stain Long Island NY

ben® Exterior Paint by Benjamin Moore

  • Provides a breathable surface for maximum durability
  • Low temperature application down to 4.4° C (40°F)
  • Resistant to peeling and cracking 
  • Excellent color retention
  • Blister resistant
  • Excellent hiding
  • Resists new mildew formation
  • Fast, simple cleanup with soapy water
  • 25-year warranty 

Cabot Deck Stain Long Island New York


  • Oil-base performance in an advanced water-base formula 
  • Primer for all projects
  • Sticks to all surfaces -interior & exterior
  • Blocks all stains, including water stains
  • Low VOC, low odor formulas
  • LEED compliant

Ceiling paint Long Island NY


  • Eco-friendly, LEED compliant formula –contains zero VOCs
  • Sticks to all surfaces
  • Interior and exterior 
  • Seals stains, graffiti and tannin bleed
  • Low odor
  • Mildew-resistant film
  • Flows and levels beautifully – creates a smooth, flat finish
  • Guaranteed under any topcoat
  • Fast 1 hour dry time

Exterior Paint Long Island NY

Ceiling Paint by Zinsser

  • Formulated with Stain-Blocking Technology- seals water stains and other household stains
  • Covers in one coat
  • Low VOC Waterbased Formula
  • High hiding, high performance, no spatter formula
  • Color changing to show coverage – applies pink, dries bright white
  • Easy to apply, never miss a spot!
  • Mold & mildew resistant finish

Exterior Stain Long Island NY

Odorless Oil Based Stain Blocker by Zinsser

  • Oil-based performance when odor is a concern
  • Seals stains from water, fire, and smoke damage
  • Non-yellowing, dries flat, sands easily
  • Use with all topcoats
  • VOC compliant sprayable formula


  • Stops 12 lbs., hydrostatic pressure, backed by a 1o-year waterproof guarantee
  • Protects against wind driven rain - weather-proofs exterior concrete and masonry
  • Tintable white finish fills micro-cracks in porous block, brick and stucco
  • VOC compliant in all jurisdictions - < 100 g/L - meets Southern California environmental regulations, including compliance with SCAQMD Rule 1113
  • Latex-base, low odor and easy to use

Garage Floor Paint Long Island NY

WATERTITETM Flexible Primer & Finish by Zinsser

  • Ideal for use on new & existing exterior concrete & masonry – including stucco, brick, tilt-up and more!  
  • Designed with elastomeric qualities – expands and contracts to fill hairline cracks
  • One coat primes; two coats prime and finish
  • Moisture and mildew resistant – protects surfaces from wind driven rain
  • Backed by a 10-year Durability Guarantee*
  • Low-VOC, latex formula - tintable to off-white and mid-tones

 INTERIOR PAINT by Fine Paints of Europe
Interior Design Services Long Island NY
Interior Designers Long Island NY

563 Painters Primer TM by Zinsser 

Interior/Exterior ZERO V.O.C. 

Latex Primer Sealer & Enamel Undercoater  

Meets or exceeds Green Seal® and LEED® green building requirements.

  • Prime & Finish under 4 hours
  • Superior primer for all surfaces
  • High hiding/High TiO2 Content 
  • Superior Enamel Holdout
  • Sticks to glossy surfaces
  • Anti-spatter
  • Low Odor, Zero VOC
  • Fast drying 
  • Easy application 

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