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Bring out the natural beauty of wood by using the right wood stain and wood preservative for your project. Finding the right stain for wood is important to your project. For the broadest selection of wood stains for your home or business, whether you want oil based stain or water-based stain, pick it up at Aboff's Paints.

A deck represents one of the most demanding areas to protect - particularly the deck's surface. The horizontal surface of a deck is exposed to a host of elements which are damaging to wood such as ultraviolet light, rain or snow which may remain on the surface for days or weeks; and, the often overlooked but equally damaging moisture under the deck.

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Benjamin Moore Staining Products

Benjamin Moore offers a revolutionary formula in its Arborcoat series. Arborcoat is a unique stain system that outperforms the best alkyd stains on the market.

Arborcoat has a renewable clear coat and is engineered for superior penetration and UV protection. It is low maintenance and looks great for years.   

Waterborne technology makes Arborcoat easy to apply, easy to cleanup and makes it easy on the environment. It also comes in a wide variety of colors. Arborcoat is ideal for both decks and siding.

All deck finishes offer a tough, scuff resistant finish that withstands heavy foot traffic. The Advanced Deck System looks rich year after year with easy annual maintenance. Deck finishes are easy to apply, repels water, and is mildew resistant. Transparent and semi-transparent deck finishes offer a unique two-coat system for ultimate UV protection. The protective clear coat can be reapplied annually for maximum protection. The resins penetrate and protect.

All siding finishes offer ultimate durability along with easy application. It repels water and is mildew resistant. Transparent and semi-transparent finishes offer unique resins that penetrate for great UV protection.

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Aboff's Paints Staining Product

In 1929, the first ABOFF’S White Paint Store opened to serve Long Island’s local trade and Gold Coast. In those days, paint only came in white and color had to be mixed into it according to the customer's requirements. ABOFF'S often delivered paint to the Gold Coast estates by horse drawn carriage.

Throughout the years ABOFF’S has taken the opportunity to grow its business and store locations. ABOFF'S offers its own line of paint that boasts high-quality at an affordable price.

ABOFF'S has always sought to provide high quality paints at affordable prices. ABOFF'S developed its own private label offering paint, ceiling paint, primer and wood preservative.

High-quality paints and wood preservatives at affordable price equals a high value in paint and wood preservative offerings.

M. L. Campbell Staining Products

M.L. CAMPBELL is a leading North American manufacturer in the wood finishing industry providing you with a full line of advanced finishing products and systems.

To provide our customers with the best service available, M.L. Campbell prides themselves on remarkable support and training services. From full-time lacquer specialists to trained outside sales and customer service representatives, M.L. Campbell is dedicated to giving our customers high-quality products and services. We provide great end results. From kitchen and bathroom cabinetry to millwork, furniture and display fixtures- we can provide you with a variety of wood finishing products to deliver the outstanding results you need.

M.L. Campbell has a large line of products to suit your woodworking needs such as clear or pigmented topcoats, clear sealers, primers/undercoaters, stains/dyes, glazes, specialty finishes and touch-up products, not to mention the special Euro series.

Euro Series wood finishes from M.L. Campbell combine the craftsmanship and high durability of European wood finishing technology with easy-to-apply interior and exterior finishes. Our Euro Series line is based on a time-tested European, two-component technology that offers a long lasting, beautiful finish.

M.L. Campbell is also proud to offer environmentally-friendly products that are Greenguard certified as well as Waterborne products and products with low VOCs. At M.L. Campbell, we take very seriously our commitment to being green. We promote sustainability through actions such as recycling and continuously working toward reducing our carbon footprint. With new product formulations constantly in development, you can count on our product offerings to evolve as quickly as your needs - and the needs of the environment.

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Duckback Products Staining Products

Duckback Products is a leading manufacturer of premium quality coatings for wood and concrete and is sold under the nationally recognized brands of Superdeck® and Mason's Select®. Our products include oil based transparent wood stains, water based transparent wood stains, specialty wood finishes, acrylic concrete stains and sealers, and an assortment of cleaning and prep products. These products enhance, beautify and protect decks, fencing, siding, trim, log homes, outdoor furniture, sidewalks, patios, garage and basement floors, a variety of composite lumber and fiber cement siding.

MINWAX Staining Products

At the exact moment Wilbur and Orville Wright were struggling to keep their new invention in the air over Kitty Hawk, NC. Arthur B. Harrison was at work in New York City testing his new waterproofing and damp-resistant materials to see if they would keep the air's moisture out of homes and buildings. In 1904, Arthur B. Harrison persuaded his employer at Clifford I. Miller Company, a plaster manufacturer, that a plant producing his materials could be a profitable venture. Mr. Miller agreed, though little realizing that someday Mr. Harrison's enterprise would produce the Rolls Royce of wood finishing products. In 1910, Mr. Harrison purchased the Miller interests, and four years later he incorporated his business under the name Minwax.

In the late 1940s and early ‘50s, Minwax moved into the consumer market. According to R. W. Harrison, Jr., a grandson of Arthur B. Harrison who also served as President of Minwax from 1962-1978, this growth “…came with the realization we had a product the average person could use successfully.” The product itself was redesigned and improved for homeowner use, and the wax in the finish was replaced by varnish gums, making the new Wood Finish™ the first modern “quick-drying” product.

Today, the power and beauty of wood is still important in both public buildings and private homes, and the Minwax Company provides consumers with a complete line of products to meet every wood finishing need. We look ahead excitedly as we continue our work to make and keep wood beautiful®. Our future promises to be as exciting as our past!

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Flood Staining Products

The Flood® brand has earned its reputation as "The Wood Care Specialist" - giving product users the confidence that Flood products, such as our exterior wood stains and wood cleaners, will protect, preserve and beautify their investment.

We understand the time and effort involved in exterior wood care and the pride you feel in a job well done. That's why you can trust Floodstain products to simplify the process while delivering quality results and long-lasting performance.

Flood wood stains have been recognized in the wood care industry for their reliable protection, and Flood stain products are purchased by loyal consumers everywhere. Founded in 1841 by a family of painters, Flood is an expert in exterior wood care so you don't have to be.

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Last N Last Staining Products

Last•n•Last® is a product of Absolute Coatings, Inc. As a leader in the wood flooring industry, we are dedicated to providing all flooring professionals and do-it-yourselfers, with the most complete line of high quality wood finishes available.

Last•n•Last® wood finishes keep interior wood surfaces cleaner between cleanings with Microban. With today’s growing concerns about indoor air quality and protecting the environment, the makers of Last•n•Last® products are always researching ways to manufacture new formulas that give consumers more options without compromising quality. We offer a wide variety of products that perform brilliantly while offering lower VOC levels, low odor, easy soap and water cleanup, and antimicrobial product protection.

Use our products and see why we have named them Last•n•Last®

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Wolman Staining Products

Over 80 years ago, Dr. Karl Wolman invented the process for pressure-treating lumber, which later became the standard for protecting and preserving wood exposed to outdoor weather. Following the Wolman method, lumber worldwide has been treated to prevent damage caused by water absorption, fungal growth and insect attack above and below ground. It is from this great legacy that the family of Wolman Wood Care Products was born.

Today, Wolman Wood Care Products is a division of Zinsser Co., Inc., the leading national manufacturer of primer-sealers, shellac, wall covering removal and specialty decorating products.

Zinsser is best known for primers such as Bulls Eye 1-2-3®, Cover Stain® and B-I-N®, the original white-pigmented, shellac-based primer-sealer. Our parent company, RPM International, Inc. is a worldwide leader in specialty coatings for industrial, commercial and consumer use.

Introduced in 1988, the Wolman "system" included yet another distinctive product: Deck Stain With RainCoat® Water Repellent. Made for use on decks, rather than siding alone, as were many competitors' stains, Deck Stain featured traffic-tough durability, breathability for immediate application, and colors that would hide previously applied coatings. Special drying oils were added to help penetrate older, weathered stains, so that Deck Stain would properly bind and last for many years. Plus, its water repellency was unmistakable. 

Today, the WOLMAN product line contains these and other products in high demand: liquid concentrate cleaners and ready-to-use strippers, purpose sealers, 100% acrylic stains and F&P® Premium Wood Finish and Preservative, an oil-base, complete "all-in-one" finish (water repellent-stain-preservative).

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