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Manual Window Operating Systems

Hunter Douglas is the industry leader in window treatment technology. Whether it’s motorized operating systems or manual systems, Hunter Douglas has created the most innovative methods for controlling and even scheduling, when your window treatments open and close. Even better, you have a variety of choices for most Hunter Douglas window treatment styles. The following is an index of all Hunter Douglas lift systems along with the product they work with.

The Bi-Fold Track System allows up to six shutter panels to be hinged together by connecting them to a top track. Bi-Fold panels can be configured to accommodate sliding glass doors and large windows, supporting the panels and guiding how they fold. Available on NewStyle, Palm Beach and Heritage window treatments.

The Bypass Track System enables shutter panels to slide past each other on top tracks. It’s perfect for sliding glass doors. The Bypass Open Louver System maximizes exterior views because the louvers stay open while sliding or stacking. Available on NewStyle, Palm Beach and Heritage window treatments.

The Clutch-Operated Continuous Cord Loop (also known as Continuous Cord Loop) uses the science of a pulley with a rotating clutch to open or close the shade. The dual-roller shade options work with two fabrics of differing opacities in one cassette that operates with a continuous cord loop for an attractive layered effect and optimum light control. Available on Designer Banded Shades, Designer Roller and Designer Screen Shades.

Combination Wand/Cord System, which is called the PermaTilt® Wand Control System on vertical blinds, offers a single control for rotating and opening vanes and louvers. Because it eliminates the traditional chain and cord, it creates a safer environment for children and pets. Available on Cadence Soft Vertical Blinds, Somner Custom Vertical Blinds, Vertical Solutions Vertical Blinds window treatments.

The Cordless Lifting System operates Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades and Designer Screen Shades. This traditional, spring-assist system provides enhanced child and pet safety while raising and lowering large window coverings. Available on Designer Roller and Designer Screen Shades window treatments.

Duolite® provides maximum light control because it combines panels of two different opacities in a single shade. Each panel can be arranged in a variety of open and closed positions, allowing the perfect privacy and view-through solution you need at any given time. Duolite can be paired with a range of manual and motorized operating systems. Available on Applause, Duette, Pleated Shades, Silhouettes window treatments.

The EasyRise™ continuous cord loop allows you to simply adjust, raise and lower your shades by just pulling the cord. The continuous cord loop returns to the headrail, creating an endless cord, unlike standard cordlocks, and works beautifully with large window treatments. Available on Alustra Duette, Applause, Duette, Design Studio Roman Shades, Designer Banded Shades, Designer Roller and Screen Shades, Pirouttes, Nantucket, Pleated Shades, Provenance Woven Woods, Silhouette, Solera and Vignette (rolling style only) window treatments.

Front Title Bar is a standard operating system for most Hunter Douglas shutter products. The traditional front title bar is in the front center, connecting the louvers to one another, enabling an easy open and close. Available on NewStyle, Palm Beach and Heritance Shutters window treatments.

The HiddenTilt™ system is available for Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Shutters. Its patented gear-driven system offers one-touch control, a panoramic view and eliminates the traditional tilt bar. Available on Palm Beach PolySatin Shutters window treatments.

Standard Hinged Panels are available with every Hunter Douglas shutter product. The classic plantation shutter involves hinging shutter panels to a frame or window. For wide windows, T-posts, which are extra vertical posts, can be built into the shutter frame Available on NewStyle, Palm Beach and Heritage window treatments.

LiteRise® is a proprietary, cordless window system that is easy to raise and lower by hand because it has no lift cords.

SimpleLift™ is the cordless, child-safe system that offers effortless operation. Just raise and lower your window treatment by adjusting the bottom rail – no handle needed. For horizontal blinds, operation only needs a simple button push. Available on Modern Applause, Everwood Alternative Wood Blinds, Modern Precious Metal, Parkland Wood Blinds window treatments.

The Simplicity™ skylight system is a manual operating system designed to function on any slope or orientation for Applause® Honeycomb Shades. This skylight-system brings the light diffusion and energy efficiency of honeycomb shades to skylights. The fabric can stack both on the left or right and also top or bottom. When mounted side-by-side the shades can cover windows larger than 48 square feet. Available on Applause window treatments.

The SkyLift™ skylight system for Duette® and Applause® Honeycomb Shades was specifically designed by Hunter Douglas for skylights and large, overhead windows. Pair them with PowerView® Motorization for convenience or use the manual operation mode with a hand crank or telescoping pole for hard-to-reach windows. Available on Applause and Duette window treatments.

Standard Cordlock is Hunter Douglas’ original operating system featuring a locking mechanism for the shade position and cord cleats for improved child and pet safety. NOTE:  THIS IS NOT IN THE CURRENT REFERENCE GUIDE ALTHOUGH IT IS STILL AVAILABLE FOR SOME PRODUCTS.

Top-Down/Bottom-Up system from Hunter Douglas allow you to operate window treatments such as cellular honeycomb shades, pleated shades, Roman shades and woven wood shades from the bottom up, the top down or in combination. This provides the amount of privacy and natural light you prefer simultaneously.

TrackGlide™ is an innovative design for Duette® Honeycomb Shades that allows the shades to stay in place regardless of the positioning of European-style tilt-turn windows that swing inward. TrackGlide is also ideal for French doors and works well with the LiteRise® operating system. Available on Duette Window Treatments.

TruView Rear Tilt™ is available with all of the Hunter Douglas shutter products. This operating system integrates discreetly on the back of the shutter for a streamlined, modern look and is barely visible from the front. Just tilt one louver and the rest will automatically follow. Available on NewStyle, Palm Beach and Heritance Shutters window treatments.

UltraGlide® has a single soft-touch, ergonomic wand or retractable cord, depending upon the version selected. Regardless of the option, the cord or wand stays the same length when opening and closing the window covering, guaranteeing there won’t be long, dangling cords and ensuring child and pet safety. Available on Alustra Woven Textures, Applause, Design Studio Roman Shades, Designer Banded, Roller and Screen Shades, Duette Honeycomb Shades, Everwood Alternative Wood Blinds, Modern Precious Metal Blinds, Nantucket, Parkland Wood Blinds, Provenance Woven Woods, Solera Soft Shades and Vignette Modern Roman Shades window treatments.

Vertiglide™ is the perfect option for sliding glass doors and vertical side-to-side openings as well as to work as a room divider. Vertiglide can be used as a child- and pet-safe, cordless operating system for Duette®. Vertiglide allows Dual Operation so you can activate any window treatment with the PowerView control device, such as an app or remote, or by hand, ensuring that a lost remote is never an issue.

A Deux Shading Front translucent Silhouette or Nantucket shading with room-darkening back roller shade combined in one headrail provides increased privacy and light control. Available on EasyRise, LiteRise and Powerview Motorization.

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