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Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

Aboff’s @Home exclusively uses Hunter Douglas window treatments because of their wide range of styles and fabrics, high quality, and innovative technology. Our design experts will bring the samples to you during a free consultation in your home. Hunter Douglas has eight different window treatment lines and a wide variety of styles within each so you are sure to find something that fits your needs, décor, and budget.

Whether your goal is a stylish upgrade to your current interior design, improved light filtration, increased privacy control, or a combination, Hunter Douglas window treatments offer a variety of complementary choices for every room, style, and interest. The Aboff’s @Home design professionals can guide you through the selection process and because they come to you, you will be able to see samples in your home with your exact lighting next to your furniture, paint, etc. so you can be certain that the design will fit seamlessly.

Window treatments are said to “complete” a room. Good window treatments do much more than that. They can add a sense of drama to an otherwise simple interior design or they can be the finishing notes of simple elegance in an extravagant room. The correct window treatment style paired with the right level of light filtration can even turn sunlight into a design element in the room.

All Hunter Douglas window treatments carry a limited lifetime warranty so you will never need to worry about your new shades, blinds, or shutters.

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Things to Keep in Mind During Your Free @Home Consultation

During your free consultation with an Aboff’s @Home design professional, it will be useful to keep the points below in mind.

Color: Do you want your window treatments to create a bold statement? Or do you want them to blend in with the rest of your room’s design? Do you like bright colors or do you prefer more subdued shades?

Light and Privacy: How much light filtration do you want? Do you want complete privacy from the outside world?

Fabric: The weight of the fabric you choose will affect whether they fold crisply or how they drape. Fold the fabric at the top, hold it up to the window, and see how it falls.

Height and Length: Talk to your Aboff’s @Home design consultant about how far above the window you would like the window treatments to begin. A minimum height of at least six inches above the top of the window is frequently recommended but you can go higher for a more dramatic effect.

Width: For an attractive look, you want at least four to eight inches of fabric on either side of the window and double that amount if you want your curtains and draperies to look full. If privacy and/or sunlight are concerns, then extra fabric on either side will ensure that light doesn’t creep in on the sides.

No matter the décor of your home, a free consultation with one of our Aboff’s @Home’s professionally trained design consultants will ensure that your window treatments complement your room and your lifestyle. Call 516-517-2325 today or click to schedule your free @Home consultation.

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