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Hunter Douglas Roller/Solar Shades

Hunter Douglas Roller Shades and Solar Roller Shades provide excellent light and privacy control along with a sleek, modern look. Their wide variety of fabrics and textures offer design options for every need, budget, and décor.

Roller shades are among the most affordable and popular choices for window treatments. As the name indicates, the shades roll up into a tube, creating a minimalist, discreet appearance when raised.

Solar roller shades mechanically function the same way as roller shades but come in different weaves that allow in a percentage of sunlight corresponding to the number assigned. That way, your room receives light while maintaining your privacy. The higher the openness number, the looser the weave the the more light it lets in, so a 10% solar roller shade lets in twice as much light as a 5% solar roller shade.

Learn more about Roller and Solar Shades, and other Hunter Douglas window treatments with a free in-home consultation with an Aboff’s @Home design expert.

All Hunter Douglas window treatments carry a limited lifetime warranty so you never need to worry about your roller/solar shades.


If you’re having difficulty selecting your roller or solar roller shades, then call 516-517-2325 today or click here to schedule a free consultation with an Aboff’s @Home design professional. Whether in the privacy of your home or at one of our conveniently located @Home design centers, our design consultant will help you to select the ideal material, color, and style window treatment for your home or office. Choose a light filtration and privacy level that are exactly what you need and what the space requires. No matter which window treatment you choose, our Aboff’s @Home design consultant will work with you to ensure that your Hunter Douglas window treatment perfectly complements your space and décor.

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