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Impact 1140 Hi Rider

This fully featured sprayer offers the ultimate in functionality and convenience for the longest days and biggest projects. Capable of supporting the largest tip sizes and multiple guns, you can rely on the power and performance of the Impact® 1140. Recommended for applications using up to 4 guns in large residential, commercial and industrial applications where a wide range of coatings are specified.

Sprays stains, lacquers, enamels, latex, elastomeric and block fillers

  • Designed to consistently spray 300-400 gallons per week
  • Quad+ Packings™ is designed to wipe abrasive coatings clean during operation, preventing damage to the piston or the main sealing lip
  • AutoOiler™ allows you to push a button to deliver oil from the reservoir directly to the packings
  • Electronic Pressure Control with Rapid Clean speeds up the flushing and clean-up process
  • PermaLife™ Cylinder never wears and never needs replacing
  • Featuring DigiTrac™ Technology with advanced diagnostics display to help you spray smarter
  • Convenient EZ tilt cart makes jobsite life easier
  • Quick removal fluid section requires no tools making it easy to replace on the jobsite

*Please note sprayers/washers may take up to 24 hours for fulfillment.