September 03, 2021 2 min read

When your project is finished, you are most likely going to store your paint. Our product experts, with the help from Benjamin Moore, have compiled this simple list to get the most out of your paint. 



Leftover paint should be stored somewhere that is not in direct sunlight and somewhere between the temperatures of 60 - 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is being stored in anything other than the original can, it should be in a metal lined can, glass or plastic not much bigger than the amount of paint left over. This leaves less room for air exposure.



Closing the lid immediately is important for improving the shelf-life of the paint. For best results, you can can place a piece of plastic wrap in between the paint can and the lid to make sure it is air-tight. Firmly close the lid with a rubber mallet. 



When paint is stored properly after opening, it will have a shelf-life of about 2 years. You can view Benjamin Moore's technical data sheet for more specific information: Technical Data Sheets



There are a few ways to tell if your paint is still usable. The two main factors are smell and consistency. If the paint has a sour smell to it, chances are it is past the shelf-life. The second giveaway is if the paint has an inconsistent texture. After mixing paint, it should be smooth and contain no chunks or jelly-like textures.


Properly Disposing of Paint


Paint disposal rules vary by region. Be sure to check for local regulations. You can usually find this listed on your town website or with a simple google search. 

The disposal of Latex Paint and Oil Paint in most cases is different. Latex paint can usually be dried out and then disposed of in a normal garbage. Oil Paints need to be brought to a paint disposal location.


For any questions, contact your local Aboff's Paint store. Our experts are here to help! 

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