Exterior Paint

Painting exterior elements of a home or business is a great way to rejuvenate its appearance. Common exterior painting projects like painting siding, updating trim colors, touching up front steps and painting patios enhance curb appeal and increase longevity.

Aboff's Paints is one of the top exterior paint stores on Long Island, with many high-quality Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors to choose from. Browse our selection online or visit one of our 32 store locations.

Tips for Choosing Outdoor Paint

There are several essential tips to keep in mind when you are trying to find the best exterior paint option for your project:

  1. Pay attention to the sun's location. Take note of which parts of the building get the most sunlight at which times of the day. Full sun intensifies colors, so consider more subtle colors for the areas that get maximum sunlight. If the property is mostly shaded, saturated hues stand out for a beautiful look.
  2. Consider the surfaces you are painting. Certain paints and colors look better on certain surfaces than others due to different material textures and styles. You may need a heavy-duty option for hard-to-paint surfaces or a particular color that provides the best coverage.
  3. Use contrast. Color variations make a home's exterior more visually appealing. A mix of complementary light and dark colors is the best way to achieve this attractive variation. For example, if you are painting the trim on a home with a brick facade, it is ideal to use a contrasting cream or green shade to complement the red brick.
  4. Find inspiration in the neighborhood. Choose colors that are unique but complementary to the building styles and natural surroundings of the neighborhood. For example, Classic American architecture is often best complemented by Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors like gray and natural blues and greens.
  5. "Try on" the paint colors: Order color samples from Aboff's Paints and apply them on your different exterior surfaces to see how the color looks on the material and in different lighting throughout the day.


Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint From Aboff's Paints

At Aboff's Paints, we are proud to carry exterior paint by the industry-leading brand, Benjamin Moore:

  • Aura® Exterior Paint: This line of paint is made with Benjamin Moore's proprietary Color Lock® technology for richer colors, better hiding capabilities and fade resistance. It is well-suited to a variety of exterior surfaces and comes in four different finish options.
  • Regal® Select Exterior High Build Paint: These high-build exterior paint options provide optimum hide and require fewer coats for maximum coverage. The paint resists cracking, peeling, fading and mold growth. It is also easy to apply and dries quickly for faster recoat times. You can choose from flat, low lustre and soft gloss finishes.


Why Buy From Aboff's Paints?

Aboff's Paints has premium exterior paint for contractors and homeowners alike. As the #1 Benjamin Moore retailer on Long Island, our inventory features only the highest-quality paints. Order from us online or stop by the store location nearest you to see our products in person and get valuable insight from our expert staff.