Popular White Paint Colors

Refresh any surface and brighten any room with one of our Benjamin Moore white paint colors. 

Benefits of the Color White

White is a simple, clean, classic color that works well in traditional and modern spaces. Its versatility can amplify or subdue a room's natural light, helping you create your desired atmosphere. It can be bright and bold, allowing you to make a statement, or it can be soft and subtle, letting artwork or furniture take center stage. It works in every situation, blending well with other colors.

White paints are also an attractive option for exterior surfaces. If you are looking to paint the outside of your home, consider OC-45 Swiss Coffee or OC-68 Distant Gray to help your house stand out from the surrounding landscape.

Best Off-White Paint Colors

To find the most suitable shade for your room, identify one that complements your style and the space's lighting. Test various samples throughout the day to see how the hue looks in different lighting situations. You'll want to find the right shade to unify a room and create a cohesive feeling.

Cool White Paint Shades

Cool whites have undertones of blue, green, violet or gray, giving a room a fresh, clean and crisp look. They help a space feel tranquil by balancing out abundant natural light and reflecting ambient lights from lamps or overhead fixtures. These shades are perfect for rooms that are south-facing and receive a lot of sunshine.

Warm White Paint Colors

When white paint has undertones of red, orange or yellow, it is considered "warm." These shades create a soft glow and a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. They can lift and cheer a room, helping it feel warmer and cozier. Warm whites are ideal for north-facing rooms that receive little sunlight or homes in areas with a lot of cold, gray weather.

Most Popular Shades

Our most popular colors of off-white paints include:

  • OC-95 Navajo White
  • OC-57 White Heron
  • OC-17 White Dove
  • 912 Linen White

If you are searching for a pure color with no undertones, consider:

  • 2143-70 Simply White
  • OC-65 Chantilly Lace

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