Popular Gray Paint Colors

If you are looking to enhance your space with a fresh coat of paint, browse Aboff's selection of Benjamin Moore gray colors to find the right shade for your house.

The Best Gray Paint Colors for Any Space

Gray is a versatile color, looking great in every type of room, from the kitchen to the bathroom. It also works well in traditional and contemporary spaces, helping you achieve a timeless feel or a fresh, clean look. Gray coordinates seamlessly with various materials, so whether you have all stainless steel appliances in your kitchen or wood tones in your living room, this color will match flawlessly.

Warm Gray Paint Colors

Warm undertones are subtle and allow you to incorporate various bold colors into any room. They work well in spaces that receive little natural light, helping to establish a more welcoming atmosphere. Create a soothing and peaceful bedroom with the warm tones of HC-173 Edgecomb Gray or OC-27 Balboa Mist. Design an inviting and relaxing living space with HC-172 Revere Pewter or 1548 Classic Gray. 

Neutral Gray

Neutral grays can be either cool or warm, depending on the other tones in the room. This color will complement and amplify the warmer hues of red or yellow accents. For spaces with more blue or green items, the neutral color will support the cooler tones and keep the room feeling calm and serene. 

We offer a few neutral gray paints, such as OC-52 Gray Owl, HC-169 Coventry Gray and HC-170 Stonington Gray.

Cool Gray Shades

Cool undertones such as blue, green or violet can make small spaces appear brighter and crisper. They pair well with dark furniture in offices and dens, and they blend seamlessly with other cool tones like blue. They can sometimes give a room a silvery touch.

Cool shades such as 2126-60 Cloud Gray can work well with rooms that receive a lot of natural light, creating a peaceful and relaxing environment. HC-171 Wickham Gray can be a perfect bedroom color when you want to enhance the room's cozy feel. The cool undertones of AF-690 Metropolitan and HC-168 Chelsea Gray promote a sleek and modern look in kitchens and living spaces.

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