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Great! You've picked the perfect color for your next painting project. But wait, how much do you want it to shine? Choosing the right paint finish can make a world of difference in a room. You don't want to pick it for aesthetics alone, but for durability as well.
paint finish guide

Benjamin Moore Paint Finishes Guide

Currently, Benjamin Moore offers about 7 different sheens for paint. It may vary by product. Let's go through some of the basics!


Durability: Very High
Uses: Kitchens, Bathrooms, Chair Rails

High gloss is the most durable of all of the sheens. It's commonly used in areas of high traffic, but it is not very forgiving when it comes to hiding imperfections. Due to that fact that it is extremely shiny, it tends to show any bumps or uneven parts of the wall. Cleaning a wall with high gloss paint is very easy. A simple wipe with a rag will do the trick.  


Durability: High

Uses: Kitchens, Bathrooms, Chair Rails, Cabinets

With a step down in shine from a high gloss paint, this semi-gloss is still very durable. It can also be used in high traffic areas, and is still pretty easy to clean. Because of this, it makes a great choice for kitchen cabinets. It hides the imperfections just a little, giving it a smoother finish. SHOP SEMI-GLOSS PAINTS


Durability: High

Uses: Hallways, Family Rooms, Front Door, Kids Bedroom

Satin is a very common sheen because it is still quite durable, but not too shiny. It can easily been cleaned and offers a good amount of coverage on wall imperfections. It is perfect for showing definition in spaces that need it, such as shutters or window trim. 


Durability: Medium

Uses: Dining Room or Living Room

The Eggshell finish isn't as durable as it's glossy family members. It is the perfect paint to hide any wall imperfections, but should only be used in areas that don't get scuffed or bumped easily because it is not as easy to clean. It offers a smooth, soft finish for a flawless look. SHOP EGGSHELL PAINTS


Durability: Medium-Low

Uses: Adult Bedroom or Low Traffic Rooms

Flat or Matte finishes are the least shiny of the finishes. They offer the best hide in terms of wall imperfects. You will hardly know they are there. There are some things to keep in mind when choosing a less glossy finish. A Flat or Matte paint are really not made to be cleaned because it tends to cause burnishing, which is faded look in the paint. However, these sheens do offer a high pigment making for a smooth finished look. SHOP FLAT PAINTS

Choosing the Right Paint Finish

Be sure to reach out to one of our product specialists at any of locations if you have any questions about choosing the right sheen for your project!

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