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Coupon CodeExterior Wood Stains and Finishes

Achieve the look and finish you desire, all while ensuring lasting protection for the wood elements throughout your home. Aboff's offers a full range of stains and finishes, ranging from products designed to enhance your wood’s natural beauty, to those designed to withstand the harsh elements or areas of high foot traffic. We also carry products to prep your wood for stain and keep it in good condition.

Our Cleaning and Prep Products

At Aboff's Paints, we carry Benjamin Moore Clean, Restore and Remove products so you can thoroughly prepare your wood surfaces for staining, refresh their appearance and keep them clean.

Use Clean to remove stains, mildew and mold from wood surfaces. If you need to strip old finish from your wood, Remove gets rid of latex stains, oil stains and the clear finish on color stains. For old and weathered wood, the Restore formula revitalizes its natural color and prepares it for recoating.

We also carry deck wash to use before stain and a range of other top-of-the-line prep and cleaning products, including deck stripping and deck and fence brightener.

Our Exterior Wood Stain Products

We sell Benjamin Moore stain for exterior wood features, such as wooden decks, wood fences or wood patios. Our selection includes:

  • Arborcoat® 326 Translucent Classic Oil Stain: This clear, oil-based stain allows all of the natural beauty of the wood grain to come through while still providing superior protection against mildew, blistering, peeling and stains. It comes in six different colors and can be applied to both hardwoods and softwoods.
  • Arborcoat® 328 Semi-Transparent Classic Oil Stain: This semi-transparent oil stain is formulated for deep penetration and offers superior protection from water and mildew for your exterior wood features.
  • Arborcoat® 329 Semi-Solid Classic Oil Stain: This classic oil stain provides exceptional color and protection while allowing some wood grain texture and pattern to come through. It can be used on all types of wood decking, fencing, siding and furniture. Choose from 75 custom color options to find the perfect fit for your needs.
  • Arborcoat® 639 Waterborne Exterior Semi Solid Stain: Ideal for softwoods like pine and cedar, this waterborne stain provides superior UV protection and resistance to mildew, stains, scuffs and peeling.
  • Arborcoat® 640 Waterborne Exterior Solid Stain: This waterborne stain beautifies and protects all types of wood decks, including redwood, pressure-treated lumber and cedar. It offers excellent color retention and durability with resistance to mildew, blistering, peeling and fading. The exterior house stain is available in all Benjamin Moore colors.

Other Exterior Wood Finish Options

Aboff's Paints supplies numerous high-quality protective finishes, including Wolman™ products from Rust-Oleum® designed to prevent rot, decay, mildew, mold, UV graying and water damage.

You will also find natural stains and finishes from Messmers that are suitable for traditional and exotic woods. They offer excellent resistance to moisture, mildew, peeling and UV degradation for a long-lasting finish.

Choose Aboff's Paints

Aboff's Paints is a one-stop shop for all your painting needs. We maintain a vast inventory of premium products, including Benjamin Moore's exterior wood and deck paint, floor and patio paint, interior paint, wood stain and supplies.

We have 32 store locations throughout Long Island that you can visit to see our products in person and get advice from our expert employees. If you prefer to order online, our process is quick, easy and straightforward.