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Between busy work schedules and endless social commitments, people crave more time to relax — and there's no better place to rest and recharge than your home. 2024's freshest color trends help contractors and homeowners transform their interiors into calming spaces. Get ready for a more restful color theme that turns homes into havens.

While the vibrant colors of 2023 will always have a place in our hearts, they're making way for gorgeous shades of peach, blush pinks and sumptuous blues. Learn more about the 2024 color palette and how to incorporate these nature-inspired tones in your next project. 

2024 Paint Color Trends — A Glimpse Into the Future

The wait is finally over — our 2024 version of the color of the year trends is here. Discover which hues have made their way onto our radar and how these colors influence the ambiance and appeal of your home. 

What Are the Trending Paint Colors for 2024?

In 2024, cooler tones will replace last year's bold, warm colors. Inspired by a desire to make their interiors more serene, many decorators are choosing blue. After all, shades of blue can evoke many pleasing memories of things like seaside vacations, clear summer skies and lakefront picnics. These color trends also feature buttery yellows and rich terracotta to complement marine hues. 

Without further ado, here's the full list of Benjamin Moore color trends for 2024:

  • 825 Blue Nova 
  • OC-17 White Dove
  • OC-75 Pristine 
  • 070 Topaz 
  • 2170-50 Teacup Rose 
  • CSP-950 Honeybee 
  • 2136-20 Regent Green
  • 1560 Antique Pewter
  • 1674 Polar Sky
  • 2116-40 Hazy Lilac 

The Benjamin Moore Color of the Year

The Benjamin Moore Color of the Year

These tones are all delightful, but there can only be one Benjamin Moore color of the year — 825 Blue Nova. This violet-blue hue is the star of this color palette and will add instant appeal to modern and traditional spaces. 

Contractors and homeowners can use the Benjamin Moore color of the year in the following applications. 

  • Interior uses: Whether you paint one wall or all four, it's sure to deliver a feeling of tranquility the moment you walk into the room. Other interior applications to consider are fireplaces or accent pieces. 
  • Exterior uses: There's no better way to create a statement than with a Blue Nova door. Wooden outdoor furniture will also benefit from a fresh coat of paint in this incredible hue. 

Incorporating 2024 Color Trends Into Your Home Design

Exploring color trends is an effective way to breathe new life into your interior. But what's the best way to integrate these with your unique home style? Consider these five tips for optimum results.

  1. Plan your color palette: Select one or two trending colors to complement your home. You can then use various shades of these to create a seamless look throughout your space. 
  2. Use bold colors as accents:Less is more when painting with bold colors. Use these vibrant tones for a statement wall or piece of furniture. 
  3. Consider your lighting:Colors look different in natural and artificial light. Paint a small area with your desired color and view it at various times of day to make the best decision. 
  4. Measure your space:Darker colors tend to make spaces look smaller, while lighter tones create an illusion of size. Use your room's square footage to guide your color choices. 
  5. Take your time:Home renovations require significant effort. Break projects into manageable tasks for more success. 

Color's Influence on Home Appeal and Ambiance

Painting your home's exterior and interior makes it instantly look more appealing. However, not all colors will positively impact your resale value. A study published by Zillow illustrates this point, as it indicates homes with blue rooms are likely to sell for 1.6% more — this equates to $4,700 on a home valued at roughly $290,000. In light of this, repainting could net a significant return on investment for homeowners planning to sell.

Color psychology is one possible reason potential homebuyers attach more or less value to a property. This theory states colors influence emotions, which can make or break purchasing decisions. 

In addition, properties that showcase color trends will likely appear more modern. Newer homes require less maintenance and fewer renovations, causing homebuyers to believe they are attractive and fresh. 

Creating Harmonious Interior Spaces With 2024 Paint Color Trends

Rooms differ vastly in space, function and available light. Discover how to leverage color trends to ensure harmony throughout your clients' home design. 

How Contractors Can Use 2024 Paint Color Trends in Their Projects

As a leading contractor, you have an eye for pairing color trends for unbeatable impact. Use these Benjamin Moore color trend combinations to inspire your ideas further: 

  • Hazy Lilac walls and Honeybee accent furniture 
  • Topaz walls and ceilings for a dramatic color-drenched look
  • White Dove walls coupled with a Regent Green ceiling 
  • Blue Nova shelves and walls 
  • Honeybee walls with a Teacup Rose ceiling

Selecting the Perfect Benjamin Moore Paint for 2024 Color Trends

Aboff's Paints makes choosing the right Benjamin Moore paints products easier than ever. Here are two of our most valuable resources to help you achieve the desired aesthetic.

  • Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio App:This valuable tool allows you and your clients to view the Benjamin Moore color trends and numerous other hues in the collection. People can also visualize how these colors will look in real spaces with the help of augmented reality technology.  
  • Paint color chips:Once you've narrowed down your color selection, you can go one step further by ordering free paint color chips. These let you analyze the color up close and decide if you want to use it.

Purchase the Benjamin Moore Range From Aboff's Paints

Purchase the Benjamin Moore Range From Aboff's Paints

Contractors and homeowners who are attentive to color trends can increase any home's appeal and value. They can also make spaces more welcoming, as colors undeniably impact our mood. 

Let the experts at Aboff's Paints help you plan a successful 2024 renovation project. You can create a more relaxing space to unwind by integrating Blue Nova or one of these other beautiful, on-trend hues. Contractors and homeowners can shop these trending colors conveniently online or at one of our 31 locations across Long Island. Contact our professional team today for more information about our Benjamin Moore paint range.

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