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Researching which paint to use when redecorating your house can become tricky. From paint colors and interior or exterior usage to durability and drying times, these factors influence the application and your final product.

Before making your purchase, understand the paint you want to use, where you will use it, and its benefits and disadvantages. Alkyds and waterborne alkyds are popular paint choices for your home. Learn more about what they are and which paint will be best for your home.

What Is Alkyd Paint?

Alkyd paint is a glossy paint known for its sheen that is often used in homes. It is made from a pigment, alkyd resin and a petroleum-based solvent. Alkyd paint is typically used for wood trimming, furniture and metals rather than walls. People prefer alkyd paint for a few reasons:

  • Indoor and outdoor use: Alkyd paint is a good option for indoor and outdoor use. For outdoor use, it can withstand harsh and humid weather. It is durable and can last in spaces with a lot of movement.
  • Moisture resistant: This paint is excellent for wood trimming and cupboards in your kitchen and bathroom. These spaces can become humid due to steam and moisture, but alkyd paint is moisture-resistant and can protect these surfaces.
  • Glossy finish: This paint creates a shiny finish with a high sheen on painted surfaces.

Is Alkyd Oil-Based?

Alkyd paint uses alkyd resin as a binder rather than oil. Due to the resin, alkyd paint does not scuff or damage easily, making it more durable than some oil-based paints on the market.

Alkyd paint applies well to many surfaces, including concrete, wood and furniture. It also sticks to latex paint, so you can paint over latex without sanding. However, it is not as easy to apply latex paint over alkyd paint due to its glossy texture. If you want to touch up any alkyd paint surface, use the same paint.

Disadvantages of Standard Alkyd Paints

As versatile and durable as standard alkyd paint might be, there are a few disadvantages to using this paint. Some cons are apparent immediately, while others appear over time. From discoloration to toxins, here are some of the disadvantages of using standard alkyd paint:

  • Brittle:Although alkyd paint is durable due to the resin binder, it is also brittle, causing it to crack and chip away on surfaces. You might be able to paint over small chipped or cracked areas. But it won't have a smooth surface, and the paint underneath can also cause the new layer to chip away.
  • Toxic to the environment:Alkyd paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that contribute to air pollution and can have negative side effects, including throat irritation. These toxins harm the environment and mean the paint is not biodegradable.
  • Yellow discoloration:Over time, alkyd paint can become yellow. The yellow discoloration is caused by sun exposure, oxidation, high heat and temperature. A poor-quality paint can also become yellow faster than a higher-quality paint.
  • Strong chemical odor:Alkyd paint has a strong chemical odor that can be harmful when inhaled. Even with an open window, the paint will emit a strong odor while it dries and for hours afterward. Odorless alkyd paint and primers are available. However, even if you cannot smell it, it can still potentially harm your health.
  • Ventilation: Since it creates a strong odor, you must apply the paint in a well-ventilated area. If you want to paint furnishings and wood indoors without sufficient airflow, the odor and fumes will remain in the space longer than in a ventilated room.
  • Tends to spatter: Compared to other types of paint, such as latex, alkyd paint has an increased chance of spattering upon application. You must clean any paint droplets immediately before it hardens.
  • Clean with paint thinner:If there are any spills or spatter, you need to clean them with paint thinners or mineral spirits, not water.

What Is a Waterborne Alkyd?

Waterborne alkyd is a composition of oil and water-based paints. It creates a durable, high-shine paint that is easy to apply and quick-drying to help you save time. Instead of using a chemical-based solvent such as alkyd paint, the alkyd resin is suspended in water to create a waterborne paint.

What Is a Waterborne Alkyd?

Waterborne alkyd is an excellent option for painting furniture, cabinets, metal and wood trims. It creates a polished look with a sheen that can brighten any space.

Benefits of Benjamin Moore Waterborne Alkyd

Benjamin Moore Waterborne Alkyd paint benefits you won't get with standard alkyd paint. It is a versatile option that provides a convenient application to make your next design projects worthwhile. Here are some of the many benefits you can look forward to using Benjamin Moore Waterborne Alkyd paint:

  • Wide selection of colors:With over 3,500 colors to choose from, you can find hues that match your desired design and style choice. From deep sea green to vintage taupe, these colors will help you create designs from modern to classic looks.
  • Easy to clean:If any paint splatters, you can clean it easily with soap and water. Once it's dry, you can easily sipe stains and dirt from the surface thanks to the high-gloss finish. This paint also has a higher resistance to scratching, limiting chips and wear and tear.
  • Quick-drying:Benjamin Moore Waterborne Alkyd is a quick-drying solution for homeowners and professionals. It dries down in around six hours, depending on the humidity and temperature. Waterborne alkyd paint also cures in about five days.
  • Low VOCs: Waterborne alkyd paint is an environmentally friendly option. It contains lower VOCs, emitting less fumes and gas that can harm you and the environment.
  • Durable:Enjoy the durability of this long-lasting paint solution. Use it in high-usage areas in your home with a limited risk of scratching and chipping. 
  • Smooth surface application:With self-leveling, advanced waterborne alkyd paint creates a smooth and glossy surface, enhancing the polished look you can only get with high-quality products.

Learn More From the Professionals at Aboff's

Learn More From the Professionals at Aboff's

Choose Benjamin Moore waterborne alkyd paint from Aboff's Paints. With high-quality, advanced waterborne alkyd paint, you can get your desired finish that will stand the test of time.

We are the No. 1 Benjamin Moore Retailer on Long Island. You can shop our large selection of products in-store from our 32 Long Island locations or purchase your paint and products online for in-store pickup. If you have any questions, you can contact us or find a store near you.

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