March 07, 2022 3 min read

When you’re ready to switch out the color or refresh the paint on your trim and doors, the most crucial step is choosing high-quality interior paint. Benjamin Moore ADVANCE paint will always be your best bet for trim and doors because it looks great and is long-lasting.

Durable interior trim paint that withstands those high-touch areas, such as your interior doors, is pertinent. We’ll discuss the benefits of Benjamin Moore ADVANCE and offer a few painting tips for when it's time to start on your trimand doors.

Why Is the Type of Paint Important? 

The type of paint you choose is crucial because you’ll want to save money while ensuring a durable and long-lasting finish for your project. 

Latex is an excellent choice since newer kinds use water-based paint formulas that make it easy to clean. And since your interior doors and trim are more likely to experience wear and tear, you'll want the right type of paint that uses a powerful formula. 

While oil paint is beautiful, its fumes can cause adverse effects while using it, and the painting process typically takes longer than latex. You can choose a latex paint that has low or zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for little to no odor while the paint cures. 

While some prefer oil paint due to its look and excellent performance in high-touch areas, latex has come a long way to provide water-based ingredients that make it last. Oil painting shows the brushstrokes many painting purists prefer, but latex provides a more consistent finish.

Benjamin Moore creates paint with top-quality resins and colorants. They manufacture the resins that form the film and finish of the paint while creating tints that give it a unique color. You’ll save money on your door and trim paint by using high-quality products that last. 

Best Interior Paint for Trim and Doors 

Benjamin Moore ADVANCE is one of the best paints for interior doors and trim. It’s durable and protective with a smooth finish, making it ideal for trim, moldings, doors and most interior projects. 

Benjamin Moore paint meets VOC standards and is continually tested and improved for homeowners. Their waterborne interior paint provides similar qualities you’d find in oil-based paint, although you get to skip the paint thinners while cleaning up. 

Other benefits include:

  • Easy application process
  • Extensive coverage that lasts
  • Top-quality adhesion
  • Hard, glossy finish  
Tips for Painting Trim and Doors

Before starting your project, you’ll want to gather your supplies and remember these crucial steps for preparing your trim and doors for paint:

  1. Sand all moldings.
  2. Fill holes and dents with spackling.
  3. Caulk any cracks.
  4. Spot-prime the corrected areas to avoid blemishes when painting.
  5. Add conditioner to latex paint to make it dry slower so that you can spread paint without leaving brush marks.

Now that you know the preparation needed for your project, you can start painting!

Tips For Painting

Tips for painting doors and trim include:

  • Slap the brush: Slap the loaded brush against the sides of your paint can so that the excess doesn’t drip while you’re brushing.
  • Cut in edges before the center: For easier application, pull your brush along the edge of your trim while keeping the bristles ¼ inch from the wall or ceiling. Return with another brushstroke that’s a little closer.
  • Use the lay on, lay off technique: Lay your paint on with a few strokes to avoid overworking the paint. The paint will dry as you’re applying it, so it’s essential to smooth it out before applying more to avoid brushstrokes. Use a few quick back-and-forth strokes to “lay on” the paint. Then, to smooth the paint, “lay off” by brushing the bristles over it with one long stroke.
  • Start brushstrokes in unpainted areas: Avoid leaving marks by adding paint to the areas that don’t already have it, and gently brush inward toward the coated spots.  
  • Brush away from edges: Paint toward the edges instead of starting a loaded stroke at an edge. Brushing away from the edge ensures you have no dripping from excess paint buildup.

Order ADVANCE Online From Aboff’s for In-Store Pickup

When it's time to paint your doors and trim, you’ll want a high-quality product that provides durability and ease of application. Benjamin Moore trim paint is an excellent option for those high-traffic areas in your house. 

Aboff’s is the number one retailer of Benjamin Moore paints on Long Island. We supply ADVANCE Benjamin Moore paint with various sheens and tints perfect for your home painting projects. Our employees are product experts, and we’re happy to answer any of your questions.

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