Fresh Start 046 High Hiding All-Purpose Primer

* Please be advised colors on screen may vary from actual paint. Tinted product is not returnable.

  • A superior quality, interior/exterior 100% acrylic primer that delivers maximum hide and ensures a uniform finish. It is the product of choice when a significant color change is required. It provides superior adhesion and is more forgiving over difficult substrates. Additionally, this product is effective for sealing and suppressing most bleeding type stains. In cases of severe bleeding, a solvent based primer should be used to prevent stains from reappearing.

    With Benjamin Moore Fresh Start® High-Hiding All-Purpose Primer, you can change the look of your entire room. Create an even base for the rest of your paint job to succeed with this primer. With 100% acrylic materials, this primer effectively bonds your paint to even the most rugged surfaces.

    Your wall color will thrive with an all-in-one primer built for the best color, adhesion and hide. Change any room's color with a quick-drying coat of this Fresh Start® High-Hiding All-Purpose Primer (046). The rest is up to you, so make sure you lock in a few coats of this leveling base.

    You will love the way your room shines after you prime with a product like this one. Benjamin Moore Fresh Start® High-Hiding All-Purpose Primer 046 prevents mildew and mold on your walls. Plus, this product has a low odor for a pleasant painting experience. Have fun with your redecoration project when you use a primer built for whole-house effectiveness.

    Start anew with a primer from Long Island's top Benjamin Moore retailer. Aboff's Paints can deliver or do curbside pickup, so place your order today!

  • A new paint job is nothing without its primer. See for yourself how you can create stunning walls with the Benjamin Moore Fresh Start® High-Hiding All-Purpose Primer. With this product, you get:

    • Maximum hiding.
    • Excellent all-around stain blocker.
    • Superior adhesion.
    • Whole house primer.
    • Quick drying.
    • Great flow and leveling.
    • Low odor.
    • Mildew resistant.