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Paint Supply Store on Long Island, NY

When you're tackling a painting project, you need quality products. At Aboff's Paints, we carry paint supplies that are perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Whether you're painting a room in your home, the outside of a building or staining a wood deck, we have everything you need to get the job done. Use the below information as a guide to determine which supplies you should stock up on before you get started.

Essential Painting Supplies

You'll need a wide range of supplies to effectively prep and paint a room or outdoor area — and you can find them all right here.


Before you begin painting, you'll need to prep the area. Paint drop cloths for home painting are crucial for protecting your flooring and furniture. You'll also want to use painter's tape to establish borders along wall edges, which will prevent the paint from bleeding into unwanted areas.

If the surfaces you're painting are cracked or peeling, paint scrapers and knives for contractors and DIYers are a must-have. Once you've scraped off large deteriorating areas, you'll use sanding and abrasive tools to remove any smaller bumps so you can start painting on a smooth, clean surface. If you have any holes in your walls, you can also use fillers like caulking and sealants or spackle and wood fillers.


When it's time to paint, choosing the right paint brushes is key. We carry our own Aboff's paintbrushes as well as Purdy paintbrushes and brushes from other top brands in both angled and flat styles. 

To paint large areas, paint rollers are an ideal choice. Our inventory includes Purdy, Pro Koda and Aboff's paint rollers, as well as an array of roller frames and handlesMini paint rollers for home painting are perfect for trim, corners and other small areas. To successfully paint high ceilings and hard-to-reach spaces, you can attach a roller to an extension pole.  

When you're using a roller, paint trays and liners make cleanup easier. You can cover a tray with a liner so that when you're done painting you can pour the excess paint back into the can, dispose of the liner and reuse the tray. 

If you need to mix paint with a solvent to achieve your desired consistency, you can find that at Aboff's Paints as well. 

Exterior Painting

When you're painting the exterior of a building, you'll need many of the same supplies you use for interior painting — including drop cloths, scrapers, caulk, paintbrushes, rollers, trays and buckets. Before you begin painting, you may also need special cleaning supplies to remove growth like mold and mildew that is often found on outdoor surfaces. 

Wood Staining

If you're staining a wood deck, patio or other wood material, you can use paint brushes for stains as well as quality rags to apply the stain. We carry both latex and oil stain paintbrushes and rags in different materials and sizes. To prep the wood surface before you stain it, you will also need specific cleaning supplies like deck wash. 

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If you're looking for a paint supplies store in Long Island, Aboff's Paints is an exceptional choice. We are a family-owned and -operated business with more than 90 years of paint experience and 32 locations throughout Long Island. Visit us at a location near you today or shop our paints and supplies online.